Say Goodbye to Blurry Borders in Your Landscape

Schedule high-quality edging services in the Anton, Slaton, Lubbock, TX and surrounding areas.

Overgrown grass on your sidewalk, driveway, patio or flower bed can easily ruin your landscape's appeal. If you want to create a neat, crisp border between your lawn and other features in your yard, reach out to the pros at King Of Kings Lawn Care. Our crew provides top-notch edging services for residents in Anton & Slaton, TX and the surrounding areas.

Don't wait to edge your lawn - contact our lawn care company today to schedule affordable services.

3 benefits of edging your lawn

3 benefits of edging your lawn

Wondering why you should hire our lawn care company to provide edging services? You could be missing out on the many benefits of edging your lawn, including:

  1. Preventing weeds and grass from growing into your flower beds
  2. Boosting your curb appeal and giving your yard a manicured appearance
  3. Keeping materials such as flower bed mulch and driveway gravel in place
Want to take advantage of these benefits? Call 806-891-6075 or 802-642-7066 now to schedule lawn edging services in or around Anton & Slaton, TX.