Don't Waste a Single Drop

Hire us for irrigation system leak repair services in Anton, Slaton, Lubbock, TX and surrounding areas.

Do your sprinkler heads spit and sputter when you turn them on? Do you notice a pool of water around your irrigation system? Chances are, you have a leak somewhere in your irrigation line.

King Of Kings Lawn Care can get your sprinklers back up and running with professional irrigation system leak repairs. We can get to the source of your leak, patch any holes in your irrigation lines and make sure all sprinklers are working as they should.

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Stop leaks at the source

Stop leaks at the source

Before you dig up your entire yard to find the source of your irrigation leak, call on the experts at King Of Kings Lawn Care. We'll test and inspect your sprinkler system to find where your leak is and...

  • Dig up busted irrigation lines
  • Patch any holes or cracks
  • Replace leaky sprinklers
Speak with our experts today for professional irrigation system leak repair services in Anton or Slaton, TX.